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Social Issues
November 26 - December 2

Computer Professionals
Social Responsibility

CPSR is a public-interest alliance of computer scientists and others concerned about the impact of computer technology on society. We work to influence decisions regarding the development and use of computers because those decisions have far-reaching consequences and reflect our basic values and priorities.


Read the articles located in your reading pack and use them in this week's discussion.

Unfortunately many of the sources that have been used for readings such as newspapers and magazines no longer keep their links active. For this reason, under Fair Use guidelines, you have been given a reading pack. You are not allowed to distribute the readings in any form


Mike Allen has over twenty years experience in the charity sector. He is currently General Manager of Birmingham Staying Put. While he was CEO of Age Concern Sandwell he became interested in older users and technology. Using the information he gathered about this user group he created the Age Concern Sandwell's first web site. His interests focus on targeting information to specific user groups.


For those of you who are working full time, what is your company's policy about email and internet usage? For those of you who are full time students, what is your university's acceptable use policy?

Refer to this exercise in this weeks discussion.


Use the following question to BEGIN this week's discussion.

Which one of the social issues covered in this weeks readings has had the greatest impact on you and your use of technology and why?

Go to the Bulletin Board and begin the discussion.

* remember spelling and grammar are not important in the online discussions. Focus on your ideas and save the spelling and grammar obsession for the assessed Personal Essay and Literature Review.

Links Here are some links for further information

Journal of Online Behavior | Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Access Guidelines for Students with Disabilities


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