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ftp - File Transfer Protocol

Allows the moving of files from one location to another

Ususally from your PC to a web server.

FTP is also the protocol that your web browser uses to download files such as games and software from the Internet.

A Common ftp software for Windows is WS-FTP. This is available as shareware online. A Macintosh ftp program is Fetch.

To use WS-FTP:

Go to the 'Start' button on Windows and open the program.

Type in the Host Name (the server you wish to move your files to)

Type in your User ID for that server

Click the Anonymous login OFF (otherwise your password will show)

Type in your Password
Click OK

The left side of the window is your PC, the right side is your account on the server.

Find the file you wish to move - if you are in a lab it is recommended that you ALWAYS save your files on a floppy in the 'A' drive. Open the 'A' drive (or the folder where you have stored your files)

Click to highlight the file to move

If the file is an htm (or html) file, click ASCII (located just below the Local System and Remote System windows). If the file is a .gif or a .jpg (or an audio, java or video file) click binary.

Click the arrow in the center of the two windows. To move files from your PC to the Server click the arrow pointing to the right. To move files from the Server to your PC click the arrow pointing to the left.

You've now fpt'd files from your PC to the Server!

Type in your web page address to make sure that it worked

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