Buttons - Rollover

Using a button to create an 'action' is a simple way of adding an interaction to your Flash Movie. In this series of exercises you'll learn how to create buttons, add sound to them, and finally add a simple interaction.

Buttons have three states:

Up This is the Keyframe that holds the artwork that describes what the button looks like before the mouse interacts with it
Over This Keyframe is what the button looks like when the mouse is over the 'hit' area of the button. This is like the 'rollover' state in an animated gif.
Down This keyframe is what the button looks like when it is clicked.
Hit This keyframe is invisible to the user. It's very important though because it describes the area of the button that responds to the mouse
Step 1 - Create a new movie - import the River picture into your library and place it on the Stage. Name this layer background and lock it.  

Step 2 - Insert > New Symbol opens the Symbols properties dialoge box. Name the symbol button_rollover and set the Behavior to Button

Click OK


Step 3 - Once you click OK you move into the button's Timeline. Notice that you have three states for the button: Up; Over; Down; Hit

The button's Timeline is independent of the main Timeline.

Step 4 - Turn the Grid on (View > Grid >Show Grid) and with the line tool draw a small triangle (make sure that you have black selected as the stroke color) demo

Step 5 - Select the Paintbucket took and set the color to #3E422B

Click once inside the triange to fill it with this color.


Step 6 - With the arrow tool double click on one of the black lines around the triangle to select all the strokes - with the keyboard delete key delete them.

You now have a triangle with just color.

Step 7 - Add a Keyframe to the Over frame of the button.  

Step 8 - Select the Paintbucket tool again and pick the color White. Now change the color of your triangle to white by clicking once inside it.

Step 9 - Add a Keyframe in the Down state and change the color of the triangle to #3E422B  

Step 10 - Add a Keyframe to the Hit frame of the button

You've now created a button


Step 11 - Return to the Scene

Notice how you can't see your button? That's because it's a Symbol in your Library.


Step - 12 Drag the button from the Library onto the Stage

Control > Enable Simple Buttons will allow you to test the button on the Stage.

Test your button

Then turn off Control > Enable Simple Buttons

Save this file and move to the next part of the Tutorial.  

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