Buttons - Interactions

You've created buttons, you've added sound to buttons, now it's time to add an interaction to a button.

Step 1 - Add a new layer named Frame 2. Insert a
Blank Key Frame on Frame 2 of the Timeline.

Don't get confused over the fact that you have a Layer named Frame 2 and you will be putting information actually on frame 2 of your Timeline!!!!!


Step 2 - Draw a frog on the second frame on the Frame 2 layer

I don't care if it's a frog or not... DON'T obsess over this

Step 3 - Extend your background by clicking on the background layer and adding a frame on frame 2 of the Timeline in the background layer demo
Step 4 - Add a new Layer and name it Actions. Insert a frame in frame 2 on the Actions Layer. demo

Step 5 - Select Frame 1 on the Actions Layer

Open the Actions Panel

Click on Actions

Click on Movie Control

Double click on Stop

Step 6 - Go to frame 2 of the Actions Layer and repeat this process  

Step 7 - Close the Actions Panel (so that you can see the Stage) and select your button (making sure that Enable Simple Buttons is off)

Open the Actions Panel again


Step 8 - Double click on goto

In the right hand panel you want to change the frame to Frame 2

You are telling Flash that you want to go to Frame 2 when the user clicks the button!

Step 9 - Test your movie  

Continue to play and experiment.

You've now added an action that happens when the user clicks on a button.


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