Buttons - Rollover with Text

Step 1 - Keeping your work from the previous exercise we are now going to add some text to our button.

Turn off Enable Simple Buttons so that you can make some changes.



Step 2 - Picking up the arrow tool, double click on your button so you can modify it.

Add a new layer named button text


Step 3 - Choose the Up frame (first one) on the new layer and select the Text Tool.



Step 4 - Click on the Stage beside your button and add some text.



Step 5 - We need to add a Hit area to make the text and the area around the text 'clickable'.

In the Timeline insert a Key Frame on the 'Hit' Frame

Step 6 - Pick up the Rectangle Tool and draw a box around your button and text area demo
Step 7 - Click back on Scene 1 and turn on
Control >Enable Simple Buttons

Check your Text Button!

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