Drawing and Color Tools

This tutorial has been broken into several sections to help you get familiar with and understand how to use the drawing and color tools in Flash MX. Work through the tutorials and practice.

Let's take a look at the tools. Most of these you'll be familiar with if you've worked in Photoshop or another paint program. Since Flash produces images that are Vector based, some of the functions will be different.

Tools Line Tool The line tool creates straight lines. Try holding down the Shift key and you'll get lines that are at a 45 degree angle. Lines can be modified with the Ink Bottle
Lasso Tool The lasso tool allows you to select an object or a piece of an object by drawing around it
Pen Tool The pen tool creates a straight or a curved line
Text Tool The text tool allows you to add text fields to your movie
Oval Tool The oval tool creates circles and ovals. Hold down the shift key and you can create a perfect circle
Rectangle Tool The rectangle tool creates squares and rectangles. Hold down the shift key and you can create a perfect square
Pencil Tool The pencil tool draws lines in three different modes: straighten; smooth; ink. Hold down the shift key and you can create perfect horizontal and vertical lines.
Brush Tool The brush tool creates shapes with fills only.
Free Transform Tool The free transform tool allows you to modify objects. You can scale, rotate; flip, skew.
Fill Transform Tool The fill transform tool allows you to change the size, direction or center of a gradient or bitmap fill
Ink Bottle Tool The ink bottle tool can be used to change the color or width of a line or to add a stroke to a shape. It will not change the fill of a shape
Paint Bucket Tool The paint bucket tool adds a fill inside of a shape or to change to color of a fill.
Eye Dropper Tool The eye dropper tool is used to copy the fill or stroke attributes of an object and apply it to another object
Eraser Tool The eraser tool is used to remove unwanted areas on the Stage

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