Multiple Objects

In this tutorial you're going to see work with some of the features of the Flash drawing tools.

Step 1 - Create several different objects. Keep this simple. Don't spend a lot of time obsessing over this. Make sure that you create a couple of lines and make sure that you color your objects differently.

Step 2 - Select the Arrow tool and move the cursor over the line of an object. Notice that a small line appears by the cursor. This indicates that you've selected the line not the fill. Demo Step 3 - Double click the line to select it. Click again and drag the line off the image. Notice that in Flash the line and the fill as two separate items. Demo

Step 4 - Click on one of the lines and drag it over one of your objects (A)

Step 5 - Click once on the fill (B).

Step 6 - Drag the fill away from the line (C).


Step 7 - Click and drag one object into the middle of another one (A).

Step 8 - Click on a blank area of the stage to deselect the object.

Step 9 - Click on the moved object and drag it away... notice you've now left a hole in the middle of the host object? (C).


If the second object had been the same color it would not have left a hole, it would have combined with the first object.

Step 10 - Click on one of your lines and drag it over another one until it intersects it (A).

Step 11 - Click on each section of the intersected lines and move them away from the others. Flash will divide intersecting lines into four sections just by having them intersect (B).

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