Modifying Paths

Let's review how to select lines and curves.

Step 1 - Select the arrow tool and position the cursor over a line. Notice how there is now a small corner next to the cursor? That means you've selected a line. (A)

Step 2 - Position the arrow over a curve and you will see a small arc next to the arrow. This means you've selected a curve. (B)

Step 3 - Click once to select either the line or curve segment (C)

Step 4 - Click twice to select all lines and curves (D)

Step 5 - Position the cursor over the fill and click once to select it. (E)

Step 6 - Position the cursor over the fill and click twice to select the entire object (F)

Step 7 - Select a line (A) - drag the mouse to the right (B) and notice how the shape distorts? (C) Demo

Step 8 - Move the cursor over the edge of a circle - you will see a small black square next to the cursor. This tells you that you are over a line (A)

Step 9 - Click on the edge of the circle. You will now see the anchor points (B)

Step 10 - Using the subselection tool move the cursor over an anchor point (C)

Step 11 - Click to select the anchor point. When you do you will see the tangent handles for that anchor point. (D)

Step 12 - Click and drag the top tangent handle. Notice the the top and bottom portions of the curve change together. (E)

Step 13 - Play with the tangent handles to change the shape. (G)

Step 14 - You can add anchor points to a line with the pen tool.

Continue to practice with the Flash drawing tools until you feel comfortable using them.


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