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The ATTRIBUTE for changing the color of your background or tiling a .gif as your background is placed in the <BODY> tag

<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF"> for a solid color background

<BODY BACKGROUND="HTML_BG.GIF"> Using a .gif (or .jpg) for an image background

The .gif that is used for a tiled background can be a small square or a long rectangle

Comm292.gif as Example A small square can be used as a background

A long rectangle can also be used as a background.The long rectangle needs to be created so that it is longer than the width of the largest monitor that it could be displayed on.

Text and Link Colors

The web designer can also force the color of text, links, visited links, and active links by settting the forced color as an ATTRIBUTE in the BODY tag.

  • TEXT controls all body text that isn't a link
  • LINK controls the color of a normal unfollowed link
  • VLINK controls the color of followed links
  • ALINK controls the color of a link that has the mouse button pressed on it


The web designer can also use both the ATTRIBUTES of BGCOLOR and BACKGROUND in a document. The web surfer sees this effect as the BGCOLOR loading first... then the BACKGROUND image loading.

You can add the ATTRIBUTE of COLOR to the <FONT> tag.


<FONT COLOR="#FF6600">

Would give us orange colored text. This should be used with care since the Web Surfer is accustomed to using colored text as a link to another web page.

The numbers used to generate colored backgrounds and colored text are hexadecimal. There are many web pages that will show you the color and the hexadeciamal number.

The ATTRIBUTES of SIZE and COLOR can be combined in the FONT tag.

Would give a large font and the color red

To close the size and color you only need to close the </FONT> tag.

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