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Aligning text to an image

<IMG SCR="mygif.gif" ALIGN=LEFT>
Aligns the image to the left margin of the page and places any text next to it.

<IMG SRC="foy.jpg" ALIGN=LEFT>

This is a picture of the boats in the harbor in Fowey Cornwall. Notice the lovely light coming from behind the clouds. I spent a lovely week in Fowey in August 2004. Cornwall is really a most remarkable place, with warm weather.


<IMG SRC="landsend.jpg" ALIGN=RIGHT>
Aligns the image to the right margin of the page and places any text next to it.

Lands End Cornwall is the furtherest point south in the United Kingdom. It's a lovely place, and I visited it on my holiday in August 2004.

With the ability to wrap text to an image, the line break tag has been modified.

  • <BR CLEAR=LEFT> Breaks to an empty left margin for left-aligned images.
  • <BR CLEAR=RIGHT> Breaks to an empty right margin for right-aligned images.
  • <BR CLEAR=ALL> Breaks to an empty line that has both margins clear.

You can also dress up an image by adding a border around it.
To do this you simply add BORDER=(some number - measured in pixels).

You may also need to adjust the space around your image. To do that you would use the VSPACE and the HSPACE attributes. The VSPACE controls the space above and below the image, and HSPACE controls the space to the left and the right of the image. The number following the attribute again is a number measured in pixels.


<IMG SRC="iron_bridge.jpg" ALIGN=LEFT BORDER=5>

This is a picture of Iron Bridge in Shropshire, England. It's also a picture of my husband, Mike, posing in front of it!


These are my cats Hadji and Sassy. They never sleep curled up together... it must have been a very cold day the day I snapped this pic! When I moved to England I had to leave them with my parents in South Carolina.

You can, of course combine attributes:


As children, my brother and I were forced, by our parents, into wearning these silly hats. I think I've been scarred for life because of the experience.

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