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There are many ways that you can make your web page stand out. Some of them involve working with the text to give emphasis. One such way is to increase the size of the font.

This is done with the use of the <font>Stuff to Change </font> tag and the attribute Size.

Fonts can be anywhere in size from 1 through 7. Size 3 is the default size.

<font size=1> This is font size 1 </font>
<font size=2>
This is font size 2 </font>
<font size=3>
This is font size 3 </font>
<font size=4>
This is font size 4 </font>
<font size=5>
This is font size 5 </font>
<font size=6>
This is font size 6 </font>
<font size=7>
This is font size 7 </font>

If you noticed, you don't close the attribute which in this case is SIZE, but just close the tag </font>

There are other ways to make your text stand out as well. An effective one is the use of the <H> Stuff to Size </H> tag.

The <H> tag is used for Headlines and should not be used for regular text. Again there is a number attached to the tag with <H1> being larger than <H6>

<H1> Stuff to have as a Headline </H1>

The <H1> <H2> <H3> <H4> <H5> <H6> tags also put a a blank line below the text you put in them.

This is H1

This is H2

This is H3

This is H4

This is H5
This is H6

Another way you can add emphasis is with the use of Bold and Italics and centering text.


<STRONG>I want this to be bold! </STRONG>

<CENTER>I want to center this text or I could center an image too! </CENTER>

<I>Putting things in italics is pretty darn spiffy! </I>

These elements can be combined to give the desired effect


Don't forget to ALWAYS close your tags

</I></CENTER> </B>

They are closed in REVERSE order from how they are opened

Sometimes you may want to indent blocks of text. This is done with the <blockquote>Stuff to put in blockquotes </blockquote>tag.

The <blockquote> tag indents text until you end with the </blockquote> tag

Horizontal Rule Tricks

You can add ATTRIBUTES to the <HR> tag to give it some pizazz.

<HR SIZE =?>

Changes the default size which is 2 pixels

HR is the TAG and SIZE is the ATTRIBUTE



<HR SIZE=10>


Changes the width of the horizontial rule. The default is 100% of the screen size

<HR WIDTH =50%>

The WIDTH tag can be expressed as a percentage or actual pixel size if the WIDTH specified is smaller than the actual width of the screen


<HR WIDTH=500>

ALIGN attribute

Specifies the alignment of the rule line





Draws the rule as a plain black line

Again this can be combined to give an effect


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