Tweening- Shape Gradients

In this tutorial you will be learning how to use the Shape Tween to animate a gradient.

Step 1 - Select the Text tool and on the Stage type in the words: My frog movie

Notice that you've now entered a Keyframe in frame 1 on the Timeline.


Step 2 - Since this is text you will have to break this apart to add a Shape tween. Modify > Break apart

Add another Keyframe in frame 30.

Move the Playback to Frame 1

Select the Gradient fill from the bottom of the Color Swatches panel.


Step 3 - With the Paintbucket select the top of the M in the word My

Move the Playback to Frame 30 and repeat


Step 4 - Inbetween your two Keyframes on the Timeline add a Shape tween.

Play your movie

Continue to experiment with different ways you can use Gradients to create Shape tween effects with your text.  

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