Tweening- Shape Multiple Layers

In this tutorial you will be working with multiple shapes on muliple layers.

Step 1 - On the Timeline add six layers. Name them six different colors. Go to frame 15 on the Timeline and insert a Keyframe in each of the layers by creating a colored rectange to match the color you named the layer.

Step 2 - Select one of your layers - notice how the color on the Stage is now highlighted?

Under Edit > Copy Frames
copy that frame


Step 3 - Go to Frame one on the Timeline and under Edit > Paste Frame
paste that frame.

Pick up the Transform Tool and Scale the rectangle from full size to almost nothing.

Repeat these steps for all six colors.

Step 4 - Click on a frame between 1-15 for each layer and add the Shape Tween.

Play your movie

Step 5 - Continue to experiment with different ways to Shape Tween the different rectangles.  

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