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MA- 5000 words
BA - 3000 words

The underlying theme of this module is working with an external client to produce a proposal for an educational multimedia artifact. It is important that you learn how to work with clients throughout the development process. You must keep in mind that you’re not proposing to develop and produce a piece of work to suit your needs, but rather the needs of an identified user group as articulated by your client.

Option 1:

Working with a primary or secondary school teacher, research and write a proposal for an online or offline project that will support an element of the UK's National Curriculum. If your proposed project is designed to be on the web it should also be designed to be a part of the National Grid for Learning (NGfL). Whatever aspect of Key Stages 1-4 you choose to tackle, you must do so in cooperation with a teacher and students. If it is designed to be part of the NGfL you must make sure that your proposed work will adhere to the NGfL guidelines both technically and from an instructional point of view.

You can approach this from many different angles; you do not have to limit your approach to web or CD-ROM. You can also explore the educational opportunities in wireless applications and iTV.

Option 2:

Working with an FE or HE teacher, research and write a proposal for a class to be taught in a distance learning environment. You will have to research available virtual learning environments and design the teaching approach to use a variety of educational multimedia approaches as well as focusing on the stated teaching objectives.

You must work in cooperation with a teacher/lecturer to ensure that you are taking into consideration teaching needs as well as the needs of the student.

You will also have to research any VLE policies that have been adopted by the institution where your teacher is working.

You also, can make a proposal to deliver this material via wireless or iTV.

You will complete a project proposal for this project. Your proposal needs to be laid out according to APA style guides.

See attached sheet on writing a proposal

The proposal will cover:

Chapter 1 – statement of the problem and proposal – including learning objectives
Chapter 2 – review of the literature, including educational literature as well as design literature
Chapter 3 – methodology
Client agreement
Concept document
Node map
Brief functional specification
Minimum of four screen shots of what your proposed artifact will look like.

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