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UK Educational Resources 
National Grid for Learning - check often  United Kingdom's National Curriculum
NGfL Groundrules  e-Learning Centre 
NGfL Technical Annex  The Technology Source  
BECTA UK Governments agency for IT in Education  Staffordshire School's Web Projects 
White Papers   Articles  
Creating Learning Objects with Macromedia Flash  Designer and Developer's Center 
Using Macromedia Flash to create Learning Interactions  Student Forum 
Using Macromedia Flash Quiz Template   
Tech Tips  Doc Javascript  
Ultra Shock   Computer Arts Tutorials
Brendan Dawes   PC Plus Tutorials
Javascript Kit   Blago
Developer   Web FX  
Netdriver   Digital Camera Tutorials
Webtricks   Stereo Typography
 Material for your Report
Bibliography for Instructional Media  Pollen Park's Functional Specification and Asset list
Concept Document  Pollen Park's Node Map
Nick Crossland's Report to accompany Alien Language  Pollen Park's Concept Document


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