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Design In designing an educational multimedia artefact you, as the designer must be concerned with both instructional design as well as the look/feel/production of the actual artefact. Instructional designers are not necessarily content experts but work with them to create effective learning materials. Your role is to structure information so that it can be learned and to design activities that will engage the user in the learning process.

Your project is in development when you start to fill in the blanks from your Functional Specification. You've planned your project to the last detail and now you're ready to start creating the graphics, audio, video, writing the scripting, and creating the off-line support material.

In the real world it is highly unlikely that you will fill as many roles as you fill as a student.


Once you have completed the project and tested it, you're ready to handoff to the client. You need to have the client agree in the sign-off.

In case you've lost the client 'sign-off' that you were given in class here's a downloadable copy.

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