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Discussion Room

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There are two rooms for you to hold discussions. We have set up a SYNCHRONOUS Chatroom and an ASYNCHRONOUS BBS. These rooms are where you can meet with your teacher and pupils to have them check your progress. It is also where you can have discussion sessions with your fellow students.

You are also going to be assigned to a 'Buddy' Group with students at Purdue University in Indiana USA and Thames Valley University in London. The Purdue students are studying Instructional Technology at the Post Graduate level. Since they are not Designers you are expected to give them feedback about their designs. They are expected to give you feedback about the Teaching Methodology in your project. You would refer to this feedback in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 of your Report. Refer to your APA Guide for instructions on how to reference personal communication in an online forum (pages 277-279).

The Thames Valley students are studying for an MSc. and are working on a similar project to yours. They are more familiar with backend and you are expected to help them with frontend decisions. They will give you feedback on backend issues!

You are also strongly encouraged to get your teacher involved in these discussions if s/he so wishes. This is a great opportunity for you to make sure that you are meeting your objectives both educationally as well as from a design view.

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