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Project Duration: 10 Oct – 19 Oct, 2005.

Evaluation Checklist Due by midnight Purdue Time on the 19th.
Participants are expected to fully engage in the evaluation discussions. This means during the one-week duration of this project that you will have interacted meaningfully with others on the order of 5-10 times or more.


There are two main goals for this brief project:
1. Work with others to use and learn about an online learning environment – Moodle.
2. Work with others within Moodle to discuss and evaluate an online instructional program.

Major activities:

1. Go to the Moodle link and register and find group.
2. With group members, set up the Moodle and establish information and communication processes –Quickly!
3. Go to the list of possible online courses to evaluate and select one – Quickly! http://www.hyperstaffs.info
4. Review the available evaluation tools and select one or select one from another source.
5. Discuss the instructional design qualities of the online instructional module for 4-5 days.
6. Each group member completes an evaluation independently. Note this evaluation should focus first on instructional design elements, then usability/functionality and/or graphical elements.

Evaluation tools

Clark Mayer Guide
Instructional Quality Evaluation Checklist

Five Star Rating
Alessi and Trollope Evaluation form
Quality Evaluation

Other useful evaluation links:



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