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Most of what you already know about working with text will apply in Fireworks. To access the Text Editor all you have to do is to click on the Text tool in the Toolbox.

As you can see, most of the options should already be familiar to you. It is in this Window that you control font, alignment, color, formatting, and size. You can also control Anti-Alias and Auto-Kern here. At the bottom of the window you can check to see your text in preview.

Text Editor

You can manipulate text in Fireworks very easily.

In this example we are going to attach text to a path.

First, draw a path.

Open the text editor and type in the text you want.

Select both the text box and the path you have drawn.

Next, select

Text>Attach to path

Attach to path example

In this example the text is attached to the path aligned to the left.

If you choose


you will get a selection of ways to align the text along the path.

Again, experiment to see the different ways that text will appear when it's aligned to the left, right, center, and stretched.

Attach to path example 2
Attach to path example 3

The path drawn can be any shape that you desire. Again, all effects can be used as well.

This example has the text attached to an oval path, then a halo glow effect was applied.

Attach to path example 4

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