Flash Animation - Keyframes

Types of Keyframes:

Blank Keyframe Keyframe Frame Clear Keyframe Remove Frames
A blank keyframe shows on the Timeline as an open circle. It means that there is no artwork on the Stage at that frame. A keyframe shows on the Timeline as a solid circle. This means that there is content on the Stage. You can have a different number of frames on different layers.  This erases the keyframe from the Timeline. This removes all the content from the Stage  Select the frames you wish to remove and choose Insert>Remove Frames.

Step 1 - Make sure you still have your mymovie.fla open. You are going to write the phrase 'My Frog Movie' so that it will appear one frame at a time

Pick the Brush tool (any size and any color)


Step 2 - On the Stage draw an M

Notice the that on the Timeline your Blank Keyframe has now changed to a Keyframe.


Step 3 - Select Frame 2 on the Timeline and insert a new Keyframe.

Add the Y to form the word My.


Step 4 - Continue to insert a new Keyframe for each letter until you spell out the phrase: My Frog Movie Demo
Step 5 - Notice the Timeline - you should have 11 Frames - almost one second of animation! - Drag the Playhead back to your first Keyframe. Timeline

Step 6 - Under Control > Play
play your movie.

Make any changes you want make.


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