Flash Animation - Testing

You've been watching your movies by using the Control > Play command. Now it's time to Test your movie, Preview it in a browser; and how to create the HTML file to hold your swf file.

Step 1- Under Control > Test movie to see how your movie looks.

ControllerStep 2 - Under Window > Toolbars > Controller
This brings up a controller that makes it easier for you to control your movie.
Step 3 - Look in the folder where you had your frog.fla movie. Notice that you now have a frog.swf movie? This was created when you Tested your movie.
Step 4 - Under File > Publish Preview > Default-(HTML). This launches your browser so you can see your movie in the browser,
Step 5 - Look in the folder where you had your frog.fla movie and your frog.swf movie. You will now find a frog.html file. Flash MX automatically created this file when you Published your movie.
Congratulations! You've now created your first Flash animated movie

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