Flash Animation - Document Properties

Before you can start creating a movie you need to set general specifications that affect the project. These include: Stage dimensions, frame rate, and background color.
Step 1- Open Flash and create a new file. Save it as testmovie.fla
Step 2 - Look in the Property Inspector. The default size is 550x400 pixels; white background; and 12fps Properties
Step 3 - Click on the background and you can change the background color of your stage. Background color
Step 4 - Click on the size and you can change the size of the stage. In this window you can also change the background color, frame rate and ruler units. Document Properties

Step 5 - Click on Ruler units and you will get a drop down menu of the different units available in Flash.

Step 6 - Save any changes you have made and continue to the next part of the tutorial - Keyframes.

Ruler Units

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