Flash Animation - Onion Skinning

Onion Skinning allows you to see a faint ghost image of the previous frame so you can see where you want to place the artwork for the next frame. First of all you need to add a new layer on your Stage - you will draw and animate your Frog on this Layer, while your Text is on the previous layer.

Step 1 - Draw a Frog on the Stage

Don't obsess over this... just draw the frog!


Step 2 - Select Frame 2 and add a Keyframe

In Frame 2 click on the Frog to select it, and move it up and to the right.

Onion SkinAt the bottom of the Timeline there is a row of five buttons. Click on the second one- this turns on Onion Skinning

Notice how you now can see a faint ghost image where your first frame was? Frog

Step 3 - With the Transform Tool selected rotate, scale etc your Frog. Continue to add Keyframes for each change you make in the Frog. Do this for 11 frames.

Choose Control > Loop Playback so that you can see your animation repeat.

Step 4 - Play with and Modify your movie. Add as many Keyframes as you wish and make the movie as long as you wish.  

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