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Due: November 22 2002

Working with a partner from class design/write a website about one of the issues that we have covered this semester.

This site should be a collection of resource material for someone in your position (either as a student or as a working professional) who wishes to know more about the subject.

You have two challenges in this brief.

  1. You and your partner can only work in cyberspace. No telephone calls, no face to face meetings to discuss this.
  2. Make this more interesting than just a 'page of links'.

You don't have to spend a lot of time designing this... and if you are smart (and I think that most of you are!) you should be working on the general issue that you are covering in your research paper.

This website is not going to be marked on 'how pretty it is' but rather on 'how useful is it'. In other words, concentrate on organization, structure, navigation, and most importantly giving the user some information other than just a URL. Design is critical but keep in mind that design is not just about making pretty images.

*Note: it is STRONGLY suggested that an MA Interactive Multimedia student pair with an MA E-Business student for this project. Each of you has the skills that when combined will make this project a success.


Due: Dec 13, 2002
Write a 4-6 page (1000 - 1500 words) personal essay discussing the online communication experience that you have encountered this semester. You should cover the bulletin board, the chat room, and working with someone on a design/research project in cyberspace. This is a personal essay. There aren't going to be any correct answers. It will be evaluated based on how well you express yourself and document your statements.


Due: Jan 16, 2003

Write a 15-20 page (3000 - 5000 word) literature review dealing with one of the issues studied this semester in depth. All topics must be approved by the instructor.

Paper must adhere to correct APA style guidelines.

You should use the APA manual to help you write this. It will give you guidelines on proper writing as well as proper referencing style. As a Postgraduate student you are expected to know all of this and you will not be given tutorials in how to write.



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