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Using the website:

This website is laid out based on the topics covered each week.

Determine which week you are in and click on that week. You will be presented with a page that has links to all of the week's readings.

There will also be a link to the class bulletin board (BBS), as well as an introduction to the weekly guest.

Each week you will also be assigned some 'exercise'. This is to give you some insight to the general topic that will be discussed that week. Do the exercise, you can refer to it during the weekly discussion.


Technical Help

If you experience some difficulty in accessing the website or the BBS, you need to email the instructor if the difficulty persists. Do keep in mind that sometimes the Web can be slow, or indeed servers can go down. If a server connected with the university goes down on a weekend (after Friday at 4:00 p.m.) it may not be repaired until Monday morning. Use your common sense about getting in touch with the instructor. She is here to help you, but she does not control the servers.


Using the BBS

Fill in a Username and choose a password.

** Use your real name, or nickname. Please do not try and pick a 'cute' screen name.

Click on Instant Registration

Fill in the information the server requires.Make a note of it.

Use it to log into the system and Click on Edit Profile again and change your password to one you choose.


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