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October 8 - October 14
Mobile Village Click on image to visit the Mobile Village for all the latest news on mobile technology and issues.


Read the following articles located in your reading pack and use them in this week's discussion.

Cisco Plans Its Home Invasion
TV Here, There, Everywhere
Switchboard in the Sky
Pixel Counting Joins Film in Obsolete Bin
Lights. Mood. Video. All at the Touch of a Screen
'I told America how to eat Jaffa cakes'
With a Few Clicks, You, Too, Can Start to Change Your Life
The New Wisdom of the Web
As Gadgets Get It Together, Media Makers Fall Behind

Unfortunately many of the sources that have been used for readings such as newspapers and magazines no longer keep their links active. For this reason, under Fair Use guidelines, you have been given a reading pack. You are not allowed to distribute the readings in any form.



Rick Farrell graduated from Staffordshire University in 2001 with a First Class BA(hons) in Interactive Multimedia. He's worked for two Radio stations, as Leading New Media Designer, in the UK and Australia. His websites have won various awards including 'Best Radio Station Website in the UK'. In the Last 12 Months he's been working for Yahoo! In the Ad Technology Department looking after Rich Media advertising campaigns through out the companies European operations.

Frank Alsema, works as an independent creative producer & consultant. He is specialised in cross media, games, digital storytelling & interactive television and has worked for VPRO TV as director, producer and writer on a wide variety of TV entertainment programmes in many different forms for 20 years. In September 2000 he joined IJsfontein Interactive Media as partner responsible for producing games, educational software, installations, Mixed Media and formats for iTV and the Internet.


Have you used Skype? If not, try it out this week and report back. In fact this would be a great opportunity for some of you to use this technology to contact other members of this discussion

Refer to this exercise in this weeks discussion.


Use the following question to BEGIN this weeks discussion.

What is ambient intelligence - which social impact does ambient intelligence have in the way how consumers interact with technology

Go to the Bulletin Board..
and begin the discussion



Here are some links for further information

CNet | Wired Magazine | Guardian's Net News | New York Times Technology News


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