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Law and Cyberspace
November 12 - November 18

Blue Ribbon Campaign

Click on the image to visit the EFF's Blue Ribbon Campaign which fights Internet censorship & protects online free expression.


Read the following articles located in your reading pack and use them in this week's discussion.

Increasingly, Internet's Data Trail Leads to Court
Internet used to push fast food to children, say campaigners
No end in sight to new media rights row
France Softens iTunes Law, but Apple Is Still Disgruntled
Locking down our digital future
The rise of clip culture online
Rights and wrongs of the digital age
The law, borders and the internet

Unfortunately many of the sources that have been used for readings such as newspapers and magazines no longer keep their links active. For this reason, under Fair Use guidelines, you have been given a reading pack. You are not allowed to distribute the readings in any form


Ilene Frank is a Reference Librarian at South Florida University. She has been teaching library science online since 1996 and has a special interest in Legal Issues relating to digital material. With a background in fine art/painting and a stint as a bass player in a blues band in Michigan she brings diverse interests to our discussion. For a full bio you can read her personal page she uses for her Library Science class!



Find out where is hosted and tell me where Interactive Mystery Productions is listed as a company. If there were a problem with content on this web site which country would have jurisdiction?

Refer to this exercise in this weeks discussion.



Use the following question to BEGIN this week's discussion

Go to the Bulletin Board..

and begin the discussion


Links Here are some links for further information

Internet Library of Law and Court Decisions | FindLaw: Legal Subjects: Cyberspace Law | Electronic Frontier Foundation | Harvard Journal of Law and Technology | Journal of Online Law | Cyberlaw Encyclopedia


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