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Design Issues - October 3 - 9
Siggraph ACM SIGGRAPH is dedicated to the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques.


Read the following articles and use them as background for the discussion this week.
Note: These articles will each open in a new browser window

Man of the moment
Where have all the good sites gone?
Mastery, Mystery, and Misery: The Ideologies of Web Design
Flesh Forward
Site Design Tips to Improve Your Sales Part 1
Site Design Tips to Improve Your Sales Part 2

Jane Austin Jane Austin taught herself simple HTML to put English lessons online while teaching refugees. This led to her becoming interested in usability and design, so she returned to study for an MA in Hypermedia at the University of Westminster. Upon graduation she was employed by the renouned new media company Deepend. She has now set up Recollective with three other ex-Deependers. Recollective are celebrating their first anniversary with clients such as Orange, Conran, The Design Museum, NESTA and D&AD. Recollective have also started the initiative Untold (http://www/ which aims to promote women in digital design
Oliver Shaw is no stranger to the online design community, and active member of numerous design, technical and social forums, and can also be found in the news columns of similar news portals. He runs two personal websites for collaborations and experiments, for photography. Oliver has worked in a number of roles in his career from interactive designer to Information Architect, he is now working as lead flash developer at working on projects for clients including Ladbrokes, BUPA and UK Style.



Locate two web sites that you think that have an excellent design. Go to the Bobby web site and run a check to see if they get Bobby approval.

Refer to this exercise in this weeks discussion



Use the following question to BEGIN this week's discussion

In your opinion what are the most important design issues that are neglected? Why?

Go to the Bulletin Board and begin the discussion



Here are some links for further information

Webmonkey | Macromedia Designer Developer Center | Adobe User Center | Jakob Neilson's Useit Column


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