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Staffordshire University - Postgraduate Module Descriptor
Your module handbook was given to you at the beginning of the semester. If you have lost it you can download another copy:

Digital Culture AM50201-M

This distance learning module is designed to introduce you to issues related to a digital culture. As we rapidly move into a digital world, paradigm shifts are impacting both our social and economic structure. This module will introduce you to issues such as: technology use in education, copyright concerns in a digital age, social and economic access to technology, privacy, and self identity in a digital environment. Not only will you discuss these issues, but you will actually experience many of them in this virtual environment. In completing the assigned projects you will demonstrate how these issues affect the solution to the brief.

These learning strategies will occupy your time

The learning activity centers on researching; discussing your research; making and editing a multimedia artifact that will encompass one or more of the issues studied in the semester; and self reflecting on the communication processes involved in working in a virtual design team.

Undertaking research of the impacts of new technologies

Undertake pre-production planning and research related to the brief

Design multimedia product working with others

Undertake post-production planning and design

Undertaking directed theoretical study on social and economic issues in self managed research & in seminars on professional multimedia practices and current professional work. You are expected to reflect on existing examples of multimedia design, and incorporate best practice in your work

Participation Group seminars to exchange and discuss technical content and design issues. These seminars may be delivered in an asynchronous as well as a synchronous environment.


(List and link to University Learning Outcomes)

1. You will have the ability to recognize and apply advanced design theory in relationship to an online environment.

2. You will gain practical experience and initial understanding of how to create a meaningful multimedia project, taking into account current issues
(Problem Solving)

3. You will be able to actively discuss your views and reactions to current issues affecting multimedia integration and production. (Communication)

4. You will be able to reflect on how you have further developed your ideas based on discussion.

5. You will be able to critically research issues related to the incorporation of multimedia into a variety of different disciplines. (Enquiry)

6. You will be able to work with others in a group project and have the ability to resolve group dynamic issues without involving tutorial support. (Working with others)

(Please use University Assessment Codes. If there is more than one element of assessment please link to Module Learning Outcomes).

Working in a virtual design team, create a website that is a collection of online resources relating to one of the topics
discussed during the semester. (40%) (Working with others, Communication, Application, Problem Solving, Analysis)

Quantitative evaluation of your participation in the group discussions. (30%) (Communication)

Evaluation of your ability to self reflect on the communication process involved in working and communicating in a virtual environment (3000 word essay). (30%) (Reflection, Communication)


Students are expected to have access to computing capabilities as well as Internet/web access.


The reading list will be supplied each year and will include readings from newspapers, magazines, and journals. For the most part all of the resources will have been published within the preceding twelve months and are available online.


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