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World Issues
December 4 - December 10
NUA Click on image to visit NUA where you can get latest information about world issues


Read the following articles located in your reading pack and use them in this week's discussion.

A league of its own By: Michael Cross
One Billion Couch Potatoes By George Wehrfritz and Duncan Hewitt
The Airwaves Go Digital By Karen Lowry Miller
3G may bring Web to African poor CNN report
Calling All Luddites By Thomas L. Friedman
Beginning of the end By: Conor Purcell
Digital tax to aid poor nations BBC Online

Unfortunately many of the sources that have been used for readings such as newspapers and magazines no longer keep their links active. For this reason, under Fair Use guidelines, you have been given a reading pack. You are not allowed to distribute the readings in any form

All students enrolled on this module: The following countries are represented: Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Spain, China, United Kingdom, Italy....

Go to NUA and gather some current statistics concerning online use in different areas of the world. Do not focus just on a particular country, but rather look at world regions.

Refer to this exercise in the discussion.

Use the following question to BEGIN this week's discussion

Is it feasible for counties to censor the material that their citizens can view from online sources?

Go to the Bulletin Board.. and begin the discussion

Here are some links for further information



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