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Background: History and Structure on the Internet & Who's online - Sept 25 - Oct 2

Internet Society
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Internet Society Mission Statement

"To assure the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world."


Read the following articles and use them as background for the discussion this week.
Note: These articles will each open in a new browser window

Big Intrusions, Tiny Pictures and Patented Problems
Talk time: Vinton Cerf
Media Lullabies: the reinvention of the World Wide Web
Internet is a victim of its own success
The History and Development of Multimedia
Active Internet Users by Country, July 2004
Trends & Statistics: The Web's Richest Source

Dr. Bruce Klopfenstein, does research in Interactive Televison and is the author of Whole Internet: User's Guide and Catalog. He received his Ph.D. from Ohio State University and is currently the Director of the Dowden Center for New Media Studies at the University of Georgia.
Andy Lapham is a Principal Lecturer at Thames Valley University, London, where he runs the BA in Design for Interactive Media in the Faculty of Music, Media and Creative Technologies. Andy's expertise lies in the design of human-computer interactions and human to human computer-mediated interactions. One day he will leave the UK forever and go to live in France.


Visit at least two of the following sites to gather current statistics about online usage.

Internet Growth | Statistics | NUA Infrastructure | NUA Intranets | CyberAtlas

Refer to this exercise in this weeks discussion.


Use the following question to BEGIN this week's discussion

All too often web designers think in terms of the latest 'bells and whistles' when approaching a brief. How should the issues of bandwidth and user demographics also be considered as a part of the design solution?

Go to the Bulletin Board and begin the discussion



These links will give you more information about this week's topic.

Hobbes' Internet Timeline v5.6 | eEurope 2002: Accessibility of Public Web Sites and their Content | e-MORIi's Technology Tracker


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